John Enghauser

"Sam Pollard blew us away when he did a couple of live acoustic tracks in the studio. It was a sensational off the cuff effort and shows just how talented this performer is".
- Mark Missen,
President of Southern FM Radio Melbourne

"2009 sees the release of Pollard’s World Of Difference. In a word, the album is amazing…. Sam Pollard is the real deal, and World Of Difference is destined to be an album that a lot of people are going to want down the road. An album or two in the future this guy is going to break out big time and people will be clamouring for his early releases. The two distinct musical personalities of Pollard co-exist here nicely, although the Piano-based rock is generally the stronger of the two. World Of Difference is an album to put on your listen-to/get list. It's that good".
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

"RadioIndy is proud to present Sam Pollard a GrIndie Award for their CD "World of Difference." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment".

"Vibrant and talented singer, songwriter and musician whose acoustic live on-air performance was brilliant! The future certainly looks bright for Sam Pollard."
- Check It Out! Program, 88.3 Southern FM, Melbourne,