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In The Studio recording a new album!

Sam has been in the studio with David Norris-Nicholas of Rhinoceros Music, recording his upcoming album. The album will feature the following session players who bring their own unique sound to the table, Albi Noonan (Guitar), Daniel Booth (Drums), Tim Henwood (Guitar) and Michael Allen on Bass. It has been a busy month, but the new album is just about ready and we are excited to announce that it will be released by Blue Pie in the coming months. We can't wait to hear it!

Sam has been tweeting his experiences regularly. Check it out!
Yuka sends the love to Sam with a video !

Sam has been amazed by this video that was sent in by one of the fans. A lady named Yuka has used ' World of Differance ' as song to cut news and video to. This is a really amazing clip that was cut up with news footage from the web. Check this out and take a moment to think about the world we all share. www.youtube.com/watch?v=v77Ft28aj8A&feature=channel_video_title
Sam Pollard Tweets AND Sings!

Sam Pollard has been busy in the studio laying down tracks and getting ready for his upcoming album. Lucky for you all he has been reporting every move on Twitter and Youtube. Follow Sam on Twitter: www.twitter.com/sampollardmusic or check out the videos links below.
I Wonder: Sneak Peek Recorded at Sing Sing Studios In Melbourne.
Studio Set up Day at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne.
Psht!...Got a secret about Sam Pollard.

Hope you can keep a secret? Because we've got something REALLY special to share with you!

Our lovely and talented Sam Pollard will fill the TV screen with his alt-rock flavours THIS Sunday night on Channel Seven's Sunday Night show at 6:30pm!

His superiorly crafted track 'World of Difference' will be featured on Channel Seven's program, which is a great achievement for Sam!

It shows that his talent exceeds beyond all expectations and is now getting recognised and praised by other media.

Put it in your diaries! And don't forget to watch the Sunday Night show at 6:30pm!

Great work Sam!
Sam Pollard gets to writing a hit sound track

Sam Pollard gets to writing a hit sound track for ' Dealing With Destiny'. Sam's musical destiny is being fulfilled with more and more requests for sound track work flowing. Sam has been selected by the films producers to write a special song for the the closing credits for the soundtrack for new independent Australian Film 'Dealing with Destiny'. Dealing with Destiny is an independent Australian production that is set for release in June this year. We are very proud and excited that Sam has been given this opportunity to become involved with this great Australian indie productions. The production company has already sent notes of praise and thanks for Sam's professionalism and dedication. As Sam Pollard says ' Working with Damien Reilly and Paul Condoleon (the film's producer) and the team at Track Down Studios in the Fox Studio complex at Sydney, has been a fantastic opportunity to get my writing skills honed for film sound tracks. This along with the touring schedule that Blue Pie has mapped for 2011 will be a hectic year. I really like the film and it has such a fun feel good vibe and I am sure that this will connect with my fans and the films audience. The recording sessions were a great blast and loads of fun. The team was really great and easy to work with.' For all latest news on Sam Pollard check out his website www.sampollard.com.au For all the latest news on 'Dealing With Destiny' check out www.dealingwithdestinymovie.com
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