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"A World of Difference" Upcoming Film Takes Audiences on an Epic Cycling Adventure Across Australia

Embark on a thrilling journey across the Australian outback with musician Sam Pollard in the captivating cycling documentary, "A World of Difference." From Sydney to Busselton, Sam braves harsh weather and vast distances, showcasing the breathtaking countryside and the unique qualities of small towns. The film captures Sam's adventurous spirit and the challenges he faces along the way. Don't miss this must-watch for sports, cycling, and adventure enthusiasts, accompanied by an exhilarating soundtrack featuring Sam's original music and renowned artists from Blue Pie Records. It's an all-Australian extravaganza you won't want to miss!

For more information, visit www.worldofdifference.net
Sam Pollard's "Steps" is out! Check out the track-by-track review!

We have a special treat for all you modern pop rock fans! Sam Pollard's "Steps" is out, and we have a step-by-step review of not only each track, but the entire album! It's available now on all leading retailers, so let's drop the Spotify and get right into it, ain't no time to waste!

Young Relaxed And Free

The song starts with a fun and catchy motif, mixing brass, guitar, and piano to make a catchy progressive kind of vibe. The violins join the frey, and then finally the vocals follow, like the main character in a stageplay following after the supporting cast. The catchiness is maintained throughout the song, and the clear influences from allstar acts like Queen are apparent as the chorus kicks into gear. The shift in musical style and tempo towards the end makes this especially apparent. 'Young Relaxed And Free' is an appropriate title for the piece, and it's the perfect kind of track for summer in the city at the height of your youth.

Penny Drops

The funky beat of this prog rock carries over from the first track, and will have you nodding your head. The chorus has the potential to get stuck in your head, and the catchy supporting brass will be sure to cement this as one of your new favourites! The guitar work takes clear inspiration from Paul McCartney, and the different elements of the song overall make for a fusion of styles and inspirations that's sure to please anyone who's into the genre! Sheer fun. Read More
ipluggers is making a World Of Difference for Sam Pollard!

The internet has been enjoying Sam Pollard's pop rock fusion of rock and piano, and it's not hard to see why. With hits like Steps, which we did a track-by-track review on, you can be sure that the quality of his music isn't going to dip any time soon, for one simple reason. The man has passion! So it's only natural that this coming February will see his track World Of Difference get plugged on ipluggers! That means you can look forward to hearing it on radios worldwide! Can you imagine just doing your shopping or working out at the gym and then this catchy track comes on?

Sam Pollard - "World Of Difference" (Official Video) from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

That's the future we have to look forward to! ipluggers will ensure that World Of Difference will make a Difference to the musical World by being broadcast worldwide, to 35,000 radio stations!

Sam Pollard's World of Difference was first released in 2008. In November 2010 it reach No 3 on the ARIA Charts in Australia and continues to amass fans now with the expansion of the global streaming networks like Spotify, Apple Music etc.

It is a heartfelt and passionate song about making a difference in what seems to be a hopeless world that we all share. There is hope and we can all make a difference. The song speaks to everyone who has ever felt like they couldn't cause change. It is an inspirational rock ballad for all ages.

Sam's music has the unique attribute of making you enjoy the catchy tune while being able to appreciate the deeper meaning of the lyrics. Be sure to check out Sam Pollard's tracks on ipluggers, and all online retailers.
Sam Pollard living large in the UK!

Sam Pollard has moved to the UK and is continuing to make music just as he has all his life. He began playing the piano at the age of five and has never looked back, and even with this relocation, we know that he will keep marching forward. Sam is a gifted composer and an accomplished multi instrumentalist, and that kind of talent is the kind you can't hold down, no matter where you go! Raised in the UK but relocated to Australia, Sam's musical influences include the best of British rock as well as classical and jazz styles. Classically trained, with live experiences ranging from rock to big band jazz and improv, Sam's excitement for music shines through in his performances. Returning to the country of his birth could perhaps yet yield creative inspiration for his music, the likes of which we haven't seen before!
Sam Pollard's "Steps" is now available for listening!

In case you missed the track by track review of Steps that we posted on this site in the news below, you might want to just jump in and experience it for yourself! Fortunately for you, we can think of at least three sites that let you do just that, right here, right now.

No matter how you get your music, we can all vibe to the same tunes and agree on the greatness of "Steps"! We may all climb different staircases, but they lead to the same top floor - and Sam Pollard's greatest work is waiting for us up there, with more albums hopefully on the way soon!
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